Lenses with MFT-Mount

A special lens class!

Voigtländer has developed unique lenses for Olympus and Panasonic MFT cameras.

Nokton Aspherical

10.5 mm/1:0.95

Wonderful Bokeh.

Manufactured in proven Voigtländer quality, these models offer a very special highlight: a sensational light intensity of 0.95.

This allows you to realize even in difficult lighting conditions or in semi-darkness still excellent photos. In addition, the 10 slats provide for a wonderful bokeh.

Nokton Aspherical

17.5 mm/1:0.95

Nokton II Aspherical

25 mm/1:0.95

Super Nokton

29 mm/1:0.8


42.5 mm/1:0.95
The very short minimum distance in conjunction with the low focus range with open aperture provides the basis for completely new shots.
In particular, “filmmakers” will appreciate the selective iris control system. It allows a flowing and noiseless shutter control.

Nokton Aspherical

60 mm/1:0,95

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